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Pressure Treated —                   $24/sq. ft - $30/ sq. ft. and up
Cedar —                                        $28/sq. ft. - $35/sq. ft. and up
Ipe —                                             $32/sq. ft. - $50/sq. ft. and up
Trex (Accents) —                         $26/sq. ft. - $45/sq. ft. and up
Azek (Procell) —                          $31/sq. ft. - $48/sq. ft. and up

Pressure Treated
We still build a fair share of Treated decks and dollar for dollar PT decks are a great buy. 

Ipe (ironwood):
what we like about Ipe: Ipe is the hardest densest deck material real or synthetic. It will last well beyond any other outdoor decking, it is rot and decay resistant, does not split and splinter like other woods and is easy to pressure wash. Many companies are rallying to produce composites that look like and try to last like Ipe, most times at costs greater then ipe itself. Ipe is a fantastic buy and an excellent outdoor deck material, It's beauty and durability is 2nd to none.

Azek/ Trex : Azek and other PVC lumbers have made a nice splash on the market. Azek is lighter then most composites and very easy to work with. Azek is a very neat and clean and looks like vinyl siding we are used to seeing on houses. defiantly not to be confused with a look of real wood Akez almost has a hygienic look. Can be too artificial looking for some while others find the same attribute desirable. Darker colors are subject to chalking. we enjoy working with Azek and some of the other cellular PVC's.