Diagonal & Square Lattice

Lattice comes in 2 styles: Diagonal (creating the diamond shaped opening) OR Square (created the true square-shaped openings).  Adding lattice to the top of your fence can create more privacy in a decorative manner.  We fully frame in all our lattice to give it a clean finished look.


Instead of placing the boards vertically across each section, the boards are placed horizontally.  Many different designs can be created by varying the widths of the horizontal boards, overlapping the boards, or even doing a shadow box style.  Horizontal fencing has recently become popular and an innovative alternative to the typical wood fence.


Shadow Box is a perfect style for the homeowner who wants a custom open look appearance. The boards are nailed to the rails on alternating sides, with a slight overlap. The effect is more privacy when viewed straight on, yet open when viewed at an angle.


An In-set Picture Frame fence looks the exact same from both sides. This is an alternative style for the Good Neighbor fence. This style only works with a horizontal kickboard. You can add lattice or other toppers to extend the height and beauty of this fence.


A Good Neighbor fence alternates the front to back of each panel with each section.  That way one neighbor doesn't get the entire rail side, while the other neighbor gets the entire board side.   This effect is created by alternating the boards from one side of the rails to the other every 8'.  This fence is usually 6' tall with 6" to 8" wide boards.

Wood fence removal and disposal - $5.00/Linear foot. 
*Price based on 100 or more linear feet

Chainlink fence removal and disposal - $3.00/Linear foot. 
*Price based on 100 or more linear feet

Custom Made Wood Gates -Starting From $200.00/Per Gate 
*Includes installation, hinges and securing hardware. Includes 3yr warranty

Wood Gates with Iron insert - Starting From $275.00/Per Gate
*Includes installation, hinges and securing hardware.

Posthole survey markings only --------->$30.00/Per House*No charge on any project over 100 linear feet.

Optional Dirt Removal and Disposal

Wood Fences                                              6' Treated Green                    6' Treated Brown                              6' Cedar
Average cost per foot (4x4 posts)              $27-$32                                       $29-$35                                       $33-$38
Average cost per foot (6x6 posts)              $33-$38                                       $36-$40                                       $44-$50
Average lifespan in years                            20 years                                       20 years                                     18 years
Average cost per year                                   $135.00                                       $150.00                                      $182.00


A Flat Top fence can also be called a Square Top fence. This style has the boards butted up against each other with no spaces in-between and cut "flat" at the top.  The vertical boards are usually 6" to 8" wide, and can be as tall as 8' high or cut down to be as short as 3' high. This style is nice way to get full privacy at an affordable price.


For a more decorative, finished look we suggest adding a 2"x4", 2"x6" or 2"x8" top cap.  It works well with the following fence styles: flat top, board-on-board, clapboard, shadow box or tongue & groove.

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