Our promise to you:
Length of standard warranty period is for 2 years from date of substantial completion.
Our goal is to work with you on any warranty issue until you are completely happy.
Warranty is on defects in workmanship/installs and materials supplied by Dream Home Renovations.

All Dream Home Renovations come with a standard 2 year warranty

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What is covered in our Standard Warranty?
Your warranty covers both the labour and workmanship component of your construction or renovation project.
Dream Home Renovations will repair or replace any item(s) that were supplied and  installed by Dream Home Renovations if it has failed or is in need of repair / replacement due to defects in workmanship / install(s).
This is upon a site inspection by Dream Home Renovations and at its sole discretion and opinion.
Warranties on fixtures, cabinetry and materials supplied by Dream Home Renovations are solely those of the manufacturer and not that of Dream Home Renovations. Dream Home Renovations will work with our Clients on any warranty issues on fixtures and cabinetry we have supplied but is in no way responsible for warranties, if any, on your actual components / fixtures.

What is NOT covered?
Depending on the type of components / fixtures and brand of item selected for install, your Manufacturer’s Warranty will range in length of time and details of what is covered.  Dream Home Renovations is in no way responsible for warranties, if any, on your actual type of components / fixtures and brand of item selected for install
Warranty applies only to the actual work Dream Home Renovations has completed and does not extend to damages (if any) to any other items, person’s, belongings, structures of the Home owners, guests, future owners etc..
Any and all damage to the interior or exterior of your property as a result of water leakage, pipe rupture or leakage, water, snow, wind, ice penetration into the building, and any types of damage that could normally be covered by home owners insurance. Acts of God.
Damaged caused by home owner / other people / tenants / other contractors; either by direct act or omission.
Damage caused in whole or in part by insufficient venting or subfloor.
Damage caused by a lack of proper maintenance or inappropriate usage of the Home or items / fixtures.
Any items installed and or supplied by a sub trade.
Any items supplied by the Client.
The entire project if payment is not completed as per the written contract.

If we have a problem, what will be done?

Dream Home Renovations will, at its sole discretion, determine if your situation is covered under the warranty. This determination will be made after an onsite inspection by Dream Home Renovations or its representative.
Our goal is to satisfy your concerns and to keep working with you on any warrantee issue until you are completely happy.

Other Conditions
You must report any defects in workmanship or other issues (or suspected issues) immediately to Dream Home Renovations Failure to do so may jeopardize potential warranty coverage.
Warranty has no cash value.

Legal Rights
You have specific legal rights under this warranty. Dream Home Renovations is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages